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Welcome to the official web site of Irish Dance Works. Irish Dance Works has been established by Michael Patrick Gallagher, ADCRG as a teaching aid for teachers and dancers alike.   As an ADCRG holder, former World champion and lead of Riverdance, Michael Patrick has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to pass on to younger dancers.
Irish dance has grown and developed beyond many people’s wildest dreams in the last ten years. The aim of this website and the services available is to help continue promote Irish dance on a global scale.   Michael Patrick has given workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Mexico and across the US. He has worked with established Irish dance schools as well as schools specialising in other forms of dance.
  Spraoi Irish Dance Camp 2010
July 26th-30th.

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Due to the popularity of ‘Riverdance’ and ‘Lord of the Dance’, the market for Irish dance has grown worldwide. Unfortunately up until now many aspiring dancers around the world did not have access to a qualified teacher. This "Video Consulting" service is aimed at filling this gap.

Dancers can send in a video of their routines, and this will then be expertly analyzed by Michael Patrick. The dancer in question will then receive a video where Michael Patrick will work through their dances, step by step, giving instruction as to where steps and movements can be improved.
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